Hi. I’m Barb!
I Play The Sax.

Music with a feminine touch is not just about creating a good melody, it’s about empowering women and breaking down barriers.

About Me

Barbara is truly an exceptional musician and an equally remarkable person. Her dedication to her craft is outstanding!

Barbara Wint began her musical journey at the George Headley Primary School in Kingston.  She was a part of the Choir and Speech Clubs and at her graduation service she led the graduates in singing their graduation song entitled ‘High Hopes’. Little did she know that this ‘in born’ musical talent would have blossomed over the years to make her into the musician she is today.

What I Do

As a saxophone musician, I specialize in playing an instrument that has been an integral part of many genres of music. From jazz to blues, rock to soul, the saxophone is a versatile instrument that can express a wide range of emotions. My primary role is to create music that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking for my audience.


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Animation & Game

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Featured Work

Rio Watch Commercials

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My Clients

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Tobias Van Hale
Creative Director at Pelem Studio